[25 Ebooks Bundle] Health and Fitness Set DEC V1.25


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This Ebook Bundle Contains the Following Titles:

  1. Anatomy of Yoga for Posture and Health; Author: Nicky Jenkins; ISBN: 9781847734662
  2. Ayurvedic Rituals: Wisdom, Recipes and the Ancient Art of Self-Care; Author: Chasca Summerville; ISBN: 9781743797068
  3. Be Iron Fit, 2nd: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness; Author: Don Fink; ISBN: 9781599218571
  4. Benefits of Stretching for Seniors: The First Step to Healthier Lifestyle; Author: Sofia Karlsson; ISBN: 9798480435344
  5. Body weight workouts for men over 50: Beginning to get back in shape without using weights or joining the gym; Author: J.C. Ross; ISBN: B08ZK3ZXL4
  6. Bodybuilding: Hardgainers Guide to Building Muscle, Building Strength and Building Mass – Scrawny to Brawny Skinny Guys Edition; Author: Augustus Sims; ISBN: 9781511596831
  7. Calisthenics Solid Stone: Program for building muscle, strength and losing weight without equipment.; Author: Jan Klimus; ISBN: B09GT7B9BH
  8. Chi Kung for Women’s Health and Sexual Vitality: A Handbook of Simple Exercises and Techniques; Author: Multiple; ISBN: 9781620552254
  9. Head and Heart; Author: Horovitz; ISBN: 9781912085835
  10. Health Body 360: Total Fitness Guide; Author: The Editors of Health; ISBN: 9781547855469
  11. Health Self-Care: The Ingredients for Health and Happiness; Author: The Editors of Health; ISBN: 9781547853663
  12. Lifetime Physical Fitness & Wellness; Author: Multiple; ISBN: 9780357447123
  13. Pelvic Pain The Ultimate Cock Block: A no-bullshit guide for men navigating through pelvic pain; Author: Susie Gronski; ISBN: 9780998695723
  14. Pilates for a Flat Stomach: Perfect Abs in Just 15 Minutes a Day; Author: Anna Selby; ISBN: 9780007141272
  15. Reader’s Digest Everyday Health Hacks: Quick Fixes to Prevent Disease and Improve Wellbeing; Author: Reader’s Digest; ISBN: 9781621455134
  16. Simple Snatch Programming: Dominate the 100 Rep Snatch Test; Author: ZAKARY MORRIS; ISBN: 9798498275857
  17. Skin Cleanse: The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clear, Calm, Happy Skin; Author: Adina Grigore; ISBN: 9780062332554
  18. Stretching Matters: Simple Workouts to Keep You Stretched and End Everyday Pain; Author: Richard Robertson; ISBN: 9798622002083
  19. Strong curves: 21 secrets to get fit and build the body of your dreams; Author: Ray Cork; ISBN: B09317LTSD
  20. Tai Chi 9 Form Stick: Stand-in-place stick exercises for stretching, flexibility & improved balance; Author: Jac Guy; ISBN: 9798623786180
  21. Testosterone Boosting: The Testosterone Bible: All You Need to Know About Testosterone and How You Can Boost It Naturally; Author: Joshua Silverstein; ISBN: B01ILG1W1K
  22. The 30-Minute Runner: Smart Training for Busy Beginners; Author: Duncan Larkin; ISBN: 9781510721326
  23. The Yoga Journey: A 30-Day Beginners Guide to Stretch Your Body, Mind, and Soul; Author: Nim Stant; ISBN: 9781704070964
  24. Upgrade Your Immunity with Herbs: Herbal Tonics, Broths, Brews, and Elixirs to Supercharge Your Immune System; Author: Joseph Mercola; ISBN: 9781401963484
  25. Vegan Intermittent Fasting: Lose Weight, Reduce Inflammation, and Live Longer – The 16:8 Way; Author: Multiple; ISBN: 9781922351494
[25 Ebooks Bundle] Health and Fitness Set DEC V1.25



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