[25 Ebooks Bundle] Photography Set DEC V1.25


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This Ebook Bundle Contains the Following Titles:

  1. The Arab Imago A Social History of Portrait Photography, 1860–1910; Author: Stephen Sheehi; ISBN: 9780691151328
  2. The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography; Author: Glenn Randall; ISBN: 9781681985657
  3. The Art of Photography A Personal Approach to Artistic Expression; Author: Bruce Barnbaum; ISBN: 9781681982106
  4. The Complete Guide to Bird Photography Field Techniques for Birders and Nature Photographers; Author: Jeffrey Rich; ISBN: 9781682033586
  5. The Digital Photography Book The step-by-step secrets for how to make your photos look like the pros’!; Author: Scott Kelby; ISBN: 9781681986715
  6. The Digital Photography Handbook An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide; Author: Doug Harman; ISBN: 9781529400526
  7. The Essence of Photography, 2nd Edition Seeing and Creativity; Author: Bruce Barnbaum; ISBN: 9781681986357
  8. The Handbook of Drone Photography A Complete Guide to the New Art of Do-It-Yourself Aerial Photography; Author: Chase Guttman; ISBN: 9781510712164
  9. The Handmade Silver Gelatin Emulsion Print Creating Your Own Liquid Emulsions for Black & White Paper; Author: Denise Ross; ISBN: 9780815349914
  10. The Landscape Photography Book The step-by-step techniques you need to capture breathtaking landscape photos like the pros; Author: Scott Kelby; ISBN: 9781681984322
  11. The Photo Student Handbook; Author: Garin Horner; ISBN: 9780367618148
  12. The Power of Photography How Photographs Changed Our Lives; Author: Vicki Goldberg; ISBN: 9781558594678
  13. The Railroad Photography of Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg; Author: Tony Reevy; ISBN: 9780253036674
  14. The Step-By-Step Photography Workshop; Author: Adam Jones; ISBN: 9781582972169
  15. The Street A Photographic Field Guide to American Inequality; Author: Multiple; ISBN: 9781978804500
  16. The Traveling Photographer A Guide to Great Travel Photography; Author: Sandra Petrowitz; ISBN: 9781937538330
  17. Time-lapse Photography A Complete Introduction to Shooting, Processing and Rendering Time-lapse Movies with a DSLR Camera; Author: Ryan A Chylinski; ISBN: 9780985375713
  18. Travel Photography; Author: Margaret Brown; ISBN: B07Y8DF5LX
  19. Understanding Portrait Photography How to Shoot Great Pictures of People Anywhere; Author: Bryan Peterson; ISBN: 9780770433130
  20. Visual Culture Approaches to the Selfie; Author: Derek Conrad Murray; ISBN: 9780367206086
  21. Wide-Angle Photography Capturing Landscape, Portrait, Street, and Architectural Photographs with Wide-Angle Lenses; Author: Chris Marquardt; ISBN: 9781681983837
  22. Zen of Postproduction Stress-Free Photography Workflow and Editing; Author: Mark Fitzgerald; ISBN: 9781118749425
  23. Mastering Digital Nude Photography The Serious Photographer’s Guide to High-Quality Digital Nude Photography; Author: Roderick Macdonald; ISBN: 9781598630268
  24. After the Camera Digital Transformations for Conceptual Nude & Portrait Photography; Author: Thom Rouse; ISBN: 9781682030042
  25. Garage Glamour Digital Nude and Beauty Photography Made Simple; Author: Rolando Gomez; ISBN: 9781584281832
[25 Ebooks Bundle] Photography Set DEC V1.25



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